God gave His Son for you!

"For you see God loved the world so much, with the result that He gave His Son, the uniquely born One, in order that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. - John 3:16
(Translated correctly by R. B. Thieme, Jr.)

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    Can You Have Peace in Your Life?

    Is it possible to have peace in a chaotic situation?  In your life? In our nation?  This audio answers that question and what God's promise is for your life.   Listen

  • #295

    Living in the "Church Age"

    We live in the Church -- the body of Christ. This audio describes the eight characteristics of the "Church Age" and are unique characteristics to the time in which we live.   Listen

  • #294

    When Will It End?

    When will the end of the world occur?  Will a country such as Iran threaten the world with a nuclear weapon?  Will "global warming" ultimately destroy all living things on the earth?  The Bible is clear about time tables regarding the end of the world.  This audio discusses how an understanding of "dispensations", or God's reference system of time, can unlock the truth about the end of the world.   Listen

  • #293

    Spiritual Maturity

    A commander on the modern battlefield is trained to establish a "FLOT" line, or "Forward Line of Troops", to defend an operating base or other assets critical to achieve victory.  God is also capable of deploying a FLOT line by deploying a main line of resistance in the life of a Believer. This audio describes 10 Problem Solving Devices designed to help you depend on God's line of defense when faced with evil in the world.   Listen

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